Company Overview

Corporate Values

Integrity is one of the important core value of EIKEI Group. Since its establishment in 2007, EIKEI has earned the trust of many international manufacturers through integrity of services and products. Winning the LG's Supplier of the Year Award and qualification of ISO certifications cemented EIKEI Group's quality in service, production and environment protection. EIKEI Group believes the competitive edge of our customers is our competitive edge. Regardless of the needs of customers, we provide all-around solutions and comprehensive services to meet our customers' goals. EIKEI is a multi-national group of talented professionals. We are a continuous evolving team that encourages innovation and development from within. We standardized and systemized internal workflow by deploying system such as ERP system, which enables us to respond to customers' needs in real-time. Besides providing employees generous compensations benefits, EIKEI also provides employee stock purchase opportunities and ways to give back to the society through a variety of events. EIKEI believes giving back is its responsibility as a group. It coincides with EIKEI's corporate values and will be implemented consistently.

Jul. 2007 : EIKEI(Taiwan) Co., Ltd was established
May. 2008 : EIKEI(Japan) Co., Ltd. was established
Aug. 2008 : EIKEI(Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established
Jan. 2011 : EIKEI Electronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established.
Jan. 2011 : EIKEI (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
was awarded the LG Group Best Supplier Award
Apr. 2011 : Shenzhen EIKEI Electronic Co., Ltd. was established
Jul. 2011 : EIKEI China / Su Zhou Office was established
Oct. 2011 : EIKEI China / Xia Men Office was established
Jun. 2012 : EIKEI Taiwan / Shenzhen / Thailand has achieved ISO 9001
Aug. 2013 : EIKEI Taiwan / Shenzhen / Thailand has achieved ISO 14001
Aug. 2014 : EIKEI Malaysia / Johor Office was established
Dec. 2014 : ERP management system was introduced to EIKEI Group
Mar. 2015 : EIKEI Philippine / Manila Office was established
Aug. 2016 : EIKEI Taiwan Office moved to NeiHu
and EIKEI Group was founded
Aug. 2017: EIKEI Vietnam / Hanoi Office was established
EIKEI Indonesia New Office Expansion Plan
Dec. 2021 : EIKEI Electronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
was awarded the Canon Quality Excellence Award
EIKEI USA New Office Expansion Plan
EIKEI European New Ref Office Expansion Plan
EIKEI Mexico New Ref Office Expansion Plan
Corporate Governance

We are convinced that a sound and efficient board of directors is the foundation of corporate governance. Effective internal auditing and good ethical standards from the board members and management level personnel guarantee the implementation of corporate governance. Excellent corporate governance is an ongoing topic of global excellence. We adhere corporate governance standards of world-class companies and maintain transparency and openness of corporate operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

EIKEI Group is committed to expand its operation scale to generate the largest value for its shareholders while fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. We are committed to our communities. EIKEI Group, as a responsible corporate citizen has worked hard to cultivate environmental sustainability for social welfare and participated in charity events. We encourage our employees to participate in these activities and take part in improving the quality of life of others around us. Within our powers, EIKEI Group believes only by making the society a better place can we achieve the goal of long term corporate sustainable development.

Give Back to the Society
Environmental Safety